Saturday, December 24, 2011

Silent night, holy night

Today is Christmas eve of 2011 and it happened to fall on a Saturday which resulted in a long weekend holiday. Yesterday since noon time, I've experienced how horrendous the traffic jam was. Along federal highway,heading towards Midvalley Mega Mall, the cars are crawling like caterpillars. Walking is definitely way faster than stuck in the jam. So I altered my plan to directly head back home after having lunch with friends. I can't imagine how bad it will be when it comes to tonight's countdown time. That's why today I decided to relax at home.

Somebody asked me am i not bored? I was surprised as I don't get it why I should be bored while having a laptop that connects to internet.You really got plenty of things to do and it all depends on how far does your interests go. For a person who is indifferent about everything, even travelling to the most awesome place can't light him up. Yet for someone who loves life passionately, every tiny little drop of the vast ocean of life can make his day.

Recall my Christmas eve during the past few years, I had "silent night" almost every year. I normally hang out on Christmas day after the crazy people are dismissed. As I'm really scared of the hectic crowds, either in China or Malaysia.I'd rather stay at home, have a peaceful mind and devour myself in some Christmas music while enjoy doing something I like. And also, reserve energy for the "happy hour" session tomorrow.

When I went to buy my lunch today I said "Merry Christmas" to the hostess. She hurriedly apologized to me saying that because she is not Christian therefore she is not so aware of Christmas. I told her, not only Christians can celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a season when you show your beloved ones how much you care for them. Irrespective of your religion, your skin colour or your nationality, you are entitled to the joy of the season's greetings.

For Christians,silent night is holy night, and the Jesus Savior is born. I'm praying for a fruitful 2012 ahead. God bless!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The last month of 2011

Out of sudden looking at the calendar, it has come to the last month of 2011. Time is really scary, by the time we have time to look at it, it's already gone long ago. Every year end I will do my accustomed reflect of the whole year. Here comes the question that i'm most unwilling to face. What have I done during 2011?

The first half of 2011 was all about sweat and stress. I experienced my final exams of ACCA, and thank God I made it through. Starts from June onward, I've been really enjoying life, meanwhile had a two-month post-exam nervous period waiting for my final result.Backpacked to Bangkok, which realised my dream of at least every year visit one place that i've never been to. My little escape was always sweet and unforgettable and i've already started to miss that feeling although it was only couple of months ago.

I went home after my Bangkok trip, stayed for one month, kept on dreaming of the result release date. I guess that's because i've carried too much on my shoulders. Not because i'm willing to, it's just life, we've got no choice. Fortunately I didn't let everybody down, my hilarity reached climax after 22nd August. After that God gave me a huge joke when i started my job hunting. I don't think words can describe how terrible i felt when i'm forced to face the truth that my nationality really got me tons of problems. My first choice of employment didn't even give a damn on my CV. Being a winner for so many years, it was really awful to be knocked down by reality. But sometimes we have to make some sacrifices and surrender. Life is not all smooth without a hitch and the storms make it more unexpected and challenging.

Finally, I guess God has given me what He thinks is the best for me. He taught me to forego those which are beyond my reach and grasp everything and every moment i'm able to control.I already adjusted my mentality to a "going to start work" mode, however, suddenly I got one more month to arrange my new life in Bandar Utama. I have no complaints for this. Seriously i guess i need more preparations, i need to train my strength, sharpen my weapon and polish my armour as I've been in the "cease-fire" mode for so long and January 2012 would be a perfect commencement of new phase of life!

Christmas is around the corner,I can smell it in the air everywhere i go. When i think back,i really cherish every Christmas gift i received through the years. I feel delighted and can't help of smiling when i heard the Christmas songs in the shopping malls. The Christmas trees are as great as before and they are gonna be better next year!

If 2012 is to be the end of world, let it be, live in the moment and not to worry about tomorrow!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Paintball, Painball

Yesterday was my first paintball experience,I've heard about this game for long and I guess it was something like real person version of Counter Strike. But I've neglected some parts which ended up made me suffering.

The paintball field was at Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam, the so-called Agricultural Park of Malaysia. Besides plenty of green and an artificial lake, there was nothing much. The paintball field was pretty big though, almost a whole small mount.There were a few tents down the hill, for us to leave our stuff and equip ourselves. I'm following a friend who is a regular player, they have a team made up of 10 players,only 1 lady among them.

Gradually I was able to figure out why the gender proportion was so unbalanced:the stupid gas gun alone is about 3 to 4 kg with pallets. How do u expect a lady to carry it to run and hide agilely using a single hand? It was extremely after you are fully equipped as you can't really breath properly under the mask and with the vest and spare pallets on you you really look like a penguin. Only after a few seconds of running under the sun you will be sweating like an ice-cream. My spectacles gave me a lot of troubles again, it was not so comfortable wearing specs with the mask together and your breath will bring about fog on both your specs and mask.

Our first game was against an all-Malay-male team which everybody looked like bandits. I was so scared that they all will aim me as target (coz obviously i'm the only inexperienced idiot there). Therefore I told them frankly it was my first time, i'm a very very fresh newbie to beg for their compassion. Our commander decided our strategy and each person had a role to play. My job was to hide inside a pit,aim at our flag and shoot whoever bastard who wanted to take our flag.

After both teams are positioned, the judge shouted 10 seconds count down, when the word "start" came out from his mouth. I ran like mad with my heavy weapon towards my position. When I reached the pit, oh sh*t, it was full of mud and dirty water inside. I couldn't hesitate at all as enemies are approaching. My choice was simple, jump in or die.So there I was, in the pit, putting my elbow and gun on the table-like board, hiding behind the main wooden board in front, peek occasionally on what was happening.I only heard people were shouting and the sound of bullets flying. I could hardly saw any enemies but gradually there were people who were shot and out for this game. I only shot less than 20 bullets and suddenly i felt there was something like a pinch at my back, i was shot, luckily on my vest. Otherwise I swear I would be crying as the tiny pallet really can make you bleeding, it was really "painball".

I'm the lucky newbie as my friend told me, it's very rare for a first-comer to play a few games and was not hit on bare skin at all. I was a bit terrified to see my team mate's wound, it was as big as your thumb and not only bruised, but literally bleeding. I suddenly feel sad for the real soldiers as weapons are really ruthless, let alone under the real war scenario which was really kill or to be killed.

It was a unique experience and paintball was classified by me as "not-for-lady" activity.I can't imagine what will happen if it really hits on your ......balls? :p

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My ACCA convocation 2011

Today is my big day! I reckon it's only less important than wedding and more important than any other sort of ceremony! Tiring but enjoyable day! Woot~ Plenty of photos were taken! <3

Monday, September 26, 2011

Reunion with a long lost friend

Last night I burnt pretty much mid-night oil while I wasn't really feeling so well. It's all because of the "reunion" with a long lost friend who is thousands miles apart. It has been at least a year since I last talked to him which was before he stepped onto the land which is the farthest continent from Asia Pacific.

We both thought that time flies faster than thunder. Everything felt like yesterday,I was still the little girl pondering at no where. It was him who showed me this bright path, I could not forget, I dare not to forget. I secretly took the oath to myself, I'd be the one, I can do it! 3 years later, yes, thank God that He really made me the one! Big C was more than satisfied with what I've achieved. Although through the years I rarely had his guidance, I have never let myself and the whole world down.

But today, after I've been through all the tangles, I'm standing at a cross-road, alone. Too many choices and there is only one me. The choice I make today will result in hundreds of different me in 10 years time. At this time, Big C's appearance was like giving me parachute before the airplane crashes. Again I have to thank God, it's really different to have a mentor that truly stands in my shoes and think for me. Big C showed me a direction again, and the next few years is left to me, see how I can accomplish the mission again.

Guidance was only given once in a few years time, but I will benefit for life.Thank you for being my mentor, wish you can also achieve what you long for. My heartiest prayers for you, my dear Big C all the best!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

他和她的故事 Part 2


正式交往第一天,他去车站接她,当她走出站口的刹那,远远的她看到那个自己朝思暮想的身影,有些手足无措的站在阳光底下,手里捧着一束白玫瑰,他心中的万分忐忑全部写在了脸上。女孩心中甜甜的,他居然还记得自己讨厌红玫瑰,这是她生平第一次收到白玫瑰,外面那些充满铜臭的男人哪里会欣赏白玫瑰的高贵雅致?接下来的几天里,每一秒钟都是甜蜜。晚上去爬山,到海边狂奔,留下了两人光着脚丫的相片,去唱k,去拍大头贴,所有无聊的小事都因为有了彼此而变得精彩非凡。他们乐此不疲的沉浸在这难得的二人世界中,忘记了一切。可当夜深人静的时候,她望着他躺在自己大腿上的那张俊俏的脸,不禁害怕了起来。这样的快乐还能持续多久?This is not life, this is stolen time.


Monday, September 19, 2011

他和她的故事 Part 1






Saturday, September 10, 2011

Audit express workshop失意,k歌房得意!

在久违了课堂将近4个月之后,今天起了个大早,重返母校,参加为期一天的audit express workshop。原本是兴致勃勃,满心欢喜,可是才开始了几分钟,我就已经觉得超级不爽了。

为什么呢?原因好多个,其一,老师的投影仪与电脑的接口有问题,一直黑屏,屏幕闪一闪的我就差没唱《小星星》。 其二,老师之一是个马来婆,该马来婆的口音特别特别难听,英文烂不说,用词又不准确,还一直结巴,而且还经常犯无心的口误,再加上讲课无条理,东一下西一下,搞得我晕头转向。我从来没有像今天这样这么讨厌一个人的英文,今天不知道是我自己心情的问题还是因为太久没上课不适应了,反正要有多不爽就有多不爽。其三,这该死的软件里面要用到很多double entry的知识,了解我的人都知道,本小姐虽然是ACCA affiliate,可是double entry说有多烂就有多烂。高级的consolidation我都会做,可是会偏偏栽在最基础的double entry上,这一切都归咎于我不是会计出身的,而且我的会计学老师是用一套自己的方法,完全没有涉及到double entry,于是今天我就当了一次睁眼瞎。而且那该死的马来婆居然还叫我来回答问题,我真是&%##¥%…*&!!!

几个月没有好好集中精神学东西,感觉脑袋锈掉了,很多知识都是似曾相识,颇有它认识我我不认识它的感觉。我突然有点害怕,我真的是designed for high level job的吗?最基本的account clerk做的东西我都不会!郁闷了一整天,心想下个星期六要怎么去考试,想到都烦,又有了当初读ACCA的时候的郁闷感。心情本来都不好了,回到家跟苏打绿诉苦,说我好想要他电脑知识的十分之一。结果该死的家伙把我好一个数落,说我这样是因为专业知识不过关,跟电脑水平差完全没关系,还说我这样的学习态度有问题,说得够透彻够露骨,我简直就是在数九寒冬里被一桶冷水从头淋到脚了!我想赌气,不吃晚饭,可是我的胃又直说no,这个emo得不是一般哪!哪里还有心情准备要过中秋佳节呢?


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Someone like you

Accidentally heard Adele's on a friend's facebook link. My heart was captured by her affectionate voice and the way she interpreted the song. Her voice was kind of addictive by itself and with the power of the lyrics, the whole thing can be regarded as a "tear bomb". I have not done the stupid thing of looping on a single song nonstop for a very long time. Nowadays mostly the songs are just meteor and you can hardly remember them after weeks. It's quite difficult to find a modern vintage as majority of the billboard hits are club songs with very least of connotation.

I read the news how this song came about,as expected, Adele had her own heart-breaking stories. I reckon it's impossible to write about other people's story with such deep emotions. Unless the leading actor is you yourself. Every piece of memories is a pinch on the softest part of your heart,only you know how bitter it tastes yet you still don't have slightest of regret. Only in this way, overwhelmed in the endless sorrow, a master piece engendered.

There are not so many contraltos out there, let alone those who is so infectious and can express their emotions so thoroughly. Keep up the good work Adele and wish you find your "someone" soon...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another phase of life

Yesterday, 22nd August 2011, is the day to be enshrined.I got my result for the final 2 papers of ACCA, I passed both, which literally means I graduated and I am ACCA affiliate now! Since then, my status has changed from a full-time student to be an auditor/accountant going-to-be.

I burst into tears when I saw the result. It was quite close to a howl which came from the bottom of my heart as I totally lost control. I could not remember when was the last time I cried, either because of my studies or my mum or any relationship issue. I've been holding back for so long, 3 years, I must admit I devoted a lot to ACCA although I still managed to enjoy life whenever I got chance. I guess I have never treated study so seriously in my 25 years life. But for something like ACCA, I really showed my commitment, I held its "hand" and said "I will" with no regrets.

That few minutes I spent wailing was the most unforgettable moment in life. I guess those two 58 marks means more than they look. The scene of July 2008 appeared again and it was so fresh and real just like yesterday.I was totally overwhelmed and I really drenched myself in the bitter sweet memories through the years. After I calmed down, then only I realised I should inform Nora about this good news which she has been waiting for years.

Nora was still in hospital and she appeared to be extremely calm. I asked her to give a guess on how the result is. And after I told her that I graduated in a unmindful tone, she said she knew I could do it, full of proud and confidence. I really thank God that I didn't let her down, or else I think I may kill myself for being such an unfilial daughter.

The ending of one phase is the starting point of another. After yesterday my personal goal has totally changed. I just started to hold the pen to write another page of my life. It's going to be a brand new world and a brand new me. I feel like I've grown up overnight, or I should say, forced to. Anyway, I'm quite look forward to what is waiting for me. Full of aspiration and ambition, just want to prove myself to the world.

Here I am, this is me, the rest is still unwritten...

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random thoughts

Have been really busy enjoying my day-off recently. You won't believe if I tell you that my schedule is pretty packed while not attending any class at all. CEO is performing her job now, trying her best to entertain people and get entertained. It's not an easy job and so far I'm not tired of it yet as I still have the enthusiasm and energy.

However, an over frequently hanging-out life does cause some problems. Sometimes you can only calm down and meditate when you are alone and that's why most great people are lonely. I guess I have overlooked many things in life and it's very likely to make wrong decisions, if there is any.

I remembered I have talked to God about certain issues during my stint of ACCA studies. God was very supportive as he always is, he gave me everything I asked for. Now the end of my student life is just around the corner. Again, God keeps his words, and I believe things will only get more and more smooth. (Oh,fcuk,I deeply feel that my English has deteriorated since I finished my exam!) Suddenly feel a bit regret although I swear I'd never do so. I reckon I've been enjoying too much and wasted my precious time which should be utilised more wisely. The stack of unread SA magazine and the my current snail reading speed is the perfect evidence.

Now I've grown up, or I assume so. Many things we have to face it with sense rather than letting emotions to take control. But at the same time it means we have lost some boldness and thoughtless which should belong exclusively to youngsters, which literally means we are no longer young, unwillinglly, yet we have to admit.

A hell of mess is going on, a even bigger mess is yet to come, get ready and enjoy the thunder in the storm!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Voice of the innocent victims-723 bullet train accident

China, please stop your flying pace, wait for your people, wait for your soul, wait for your morality, wait for your conscience! Don't let the train run out off track, don't let the bridges collapse, don't let the roads become traps, don't let houses become ruins. Walk slowly, allowing every life to have freedom and dignity. No one should be left behind by our era.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Long Due Post

The past 1 month slip between my fingers with nobody's notice. Plenty of things happened: I had my 2nd backpack trip alone to Bangkok; I went back home for 3 weeks; I had an operation for the first time in life; I'm back in KL again overnight and transformed to a "Malaysian style me" compared to the "Chinese style".

Wanted to scribble something long ago, however due to various reasons, time, energy, the prohibition of accessing blogspot in China, all kinds of excuses. Waited until all the eagerly pouring feelings are gone, yet memories still enshrines.For a complicated mixture of sensitive and sensible creature like me, although sensitivity has taken up a major part, the remaining pathetic sense still can guide me to make sensible decisions.

It's a bit hard to recall every details in those days, but I do know is that I've experienced,learned many tiny things which may not raise your attention. My 2nd sweet escape feels as good as first one, but I've learnt something fresh, that is, there really can be 2 drifters off to see the world together. I've met a living example: a sweet couple from Taiwan who have been together for 23 years and now they still seem like they are enjoying honeymoon.Maybe I'm asking too much again. God allows us to pray,but not for something that is too over. I don't know whether my prayer is too extreme, no matter what I still consider it as moderate.

Finally,I've visited Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand which is the typical first overseas tour that a Chinese would select.I had the urge to write a comparison between the 3 capital cities in SEA. Unwillingly but no choice, from many aspects, KL ranks the bottom.If anybody is unconvinced, a detailed analysis can be performed upon requirement.

Suddenly wonder how important is the social network to us? I didn't log on to my facebook for 3 weeks and I was like a person in dessert craving for a drop of rainfall. How much on earth does it affect our life? Maybe we are just enjoying other people's attention and uploading snapshots everywhere on our mobile phones. I've never calculated how much time I spent on it, don't dare to do so as well. I had to admit, modern science is really addictive. Ask those who just bought an ipad 2 then you will know what I'm talking about.

Well just realised insofar I'm just mumbling the words that only I can understand. It's all right, my birthday is just around the corner. I'm sure I'll have mood to do a proper post after that.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



书还没读出来,毛病一大堆,腰酸背痛腿抽筋好像样样俱全,都是拜读书所赐。是谁曾经说的“万般皆下品,唯有读书高”来着?我真想知道如果命都没了,读书能高到哪儿去。又遇到了跟七年前类似的故事,有人太看得起我,非要把我这条泥鳅扯成鳝鱼那么长。她真的是没动脑子哦?还是被糊涂油蒙了心?典型的self interest严重超标!



Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011

2 weeks "no laptop time" has passed without my notice. I guess thanks to my not-so-smart yet definately not stupid SE phone.

Well its the first day of May,people are celebrating their holidays worldwide. Its a long weekend as well but thats not the point I want to bring in.What does May mean to an ACCA student? Its our intensive revision time and exam is just around the corner. But this round it is very special for me,May 2011,it will be my last month of fulltime student sweet time in my entire life! Wow,that sounds a bit serious,coz as usual,what we cherish the most is actually what we can't have. I told myself million times that I gotta really catch this last chance to enjoy.

However,there is something else that I need to consider,it's my last 2 papers this round,will I die or survive?Among all the candidates I know,only 2 managed to clear all papers without a single failure. That's a very scary percentage. I am scratching my head trying to figure out how possible it is for me to become the 3rd one. The opportunity cost of such failure that I have to bear is simply just too high: 6 months salary plus tuition fee and exam fee. Out of curiosity,i divided it by 30 to see how much each day costs. And the result is really stunning...

Pity me as a foreigner in Malaysia,i have no choice because the local big4 firms cant recruit me due to government policy. I have to find my own way out,no choice. Cruel but thats the way it is...FIGHTO!

May 2011,month of GOLD...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I miss my laptop!

Its been 24 hrs since my 7 years old laptop went into "coma". I feel like millions ants are biting my ass,I could hardly sit properly. My table seems too empty without the 14' inch thing. Everything is just so inconveniet. Now I am forced to use my "not a smart" phone to grumble. Finally there is once that I feel like a touch screen freaky phone is useful in the absence of a laptop. A tiny little keypad plus a crappy wifi connection really makes me wanna throw it out of my window.(but then I wont be able to grumble anymore)
Can we survive without a laptop? I dont know. I just automatically wanna turn it on after I reach home and drown myself in the endless radiation. Still, a stupid phone cannot fully replace a laptop. I have never tried tablet before,dont dare to comment much. Just pray hard that my laptop in the ICU still can be cured. God bless...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


时钟在日月不停的滴嗒着,我们每天都在看时间,但是很少会想,每一分钟每一小时的过去意味着什么。朋友说:转眼之间,我们曾经所谓的未来都变成了眼前的每一个现在,是不是我们老了?关于“老”这个字眼,我很少提及,因为我从来不觉得自己“老”。虽然自从开始读ACCA之后每天是混在一群比自己小的孩子当中,但我把自己的心态调整得跟他们一样,所以我觉得我forever 21,从来没有去想,2字头已经去了一半了,是不是该考虑找个人嫁了?(哇,好可怕(⊙o⊙),不能有这样的念头!)


看着周围比我小四五岁的人,我觉得自己跟他们的区别不光是在那个数字上,很多思想观念,很多生活经历,对事物的看法都不一样。真的是三年一代啊,代沟很明显!可是他们的优势是时间,撞了墙壁可以回头,一句话,还经得起折腾!我觉得我的一把老骨头可能折腾不起了,虽然在YC跟SG的眼里我还是很嫩, 继续我的slogan,forever 21! Blek~

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are nothing at all

Nowadays the No.1 headline of every single news press is the catastrophe in Japan. It happened just 1 week ago, 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by 10-metre high tsunami and subsequently was the explosion at the nuclear power station. Japan, 1 of the most developed country in the world, has turned into the most destroyed modern civilization that I've ever seen.

The aftermath of the disaster is far more serious than we can imagine. People all over the world are concerned about the possible radiation emission. Even thousand miles apart, at the US, the panicking crowd are buying iodine supplements like mad because they naively thought it can help them prevent radiation contamination. In China, the chaos of fighting for salt is on-going which is really ridiculous. Most supermarkets and hypermarkets have run out of salt, even in 7-11 you also can't find the most common and immaterial daily seasoning. And the most absurd news is a guy died because of excessive dose of salt and became the first victim out of Japan! What a joke!

I have no idea how much lesson human beings has learnt from all these natural disasters. Or they simply think it has nothing to do with them because it's not something that happened to them yet. However, there is only 1 planet, I guess us human beings should be on the same boat when we need to fight for our own tomorrow, although none of us knows whether there is tomorrow and how many tomorrows do we still have. We can't even determine our own future and we are extremely dependent on so many external factors to survive. We claim to be the king of everything but actually we are nothing.

Feeling kind of Sunday blue (well as I don't have Monday blue). After a busy week, finally have some private time to carry out my own silly meditation. Just now saw the video by NameWee on youtube, actually I never really liked him but I admit he is talented and sarcastic enough. But this time, the lyrics and rhythm seems so piercing and every word is a pinch in my heart. And I suddenly feel that I should cherish the present moment more. Everything I have, every people I know, every tiny little pieces in my life, as they are not eternal. Out of suddenly I miss so many people, my beloved and my dear friends. So many of you guys are just, irreplaceable, that's the word pop out of my mind. I love you all!

The 7 billion creatures, please wake up, as we are really nothing at all...

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Monday, February 28, 2011





Can't read my can't read my, no he can't read my poker face, she's got to love nobody...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting is torturing

This is not my first time to waffle on my blog on the exam result day, the only difference is this year I haven't got my result yet until now. I've been waiting for the stup*d email for 3 hours and it never comes. The lame ACCA website is down due to overload. My phone keeps on ringing, everybody is asking me how it is yet I couldn't give them an answer! Hearing about friends' success and failure while waiting for my own destiny in the dark is seriously not fun.

My initial plan is, after getting result at 1pm, either happy or sad for 1 hour, then go to MCO to book my revision class seat and probably have a feast for dinner, either to reward myself or to release tension. However, since a few days back, my luck was not with me: I was locked in the sitting room and it costs me quite a fortune, my house internet broke down just one night before my result is released. I don't know what do all these augur. Just pray hard for the best!

I'm looking forward to my reward which is a backpacking trip to either Bangkok/Ho Chi Minh City/Phuket and today is the last day of the promotion. If I can't get the result by today then the whole thing is gone. God bless, I know you love me!

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This holyshit for SG958 killed millions of my brain cells and it was "The holy mother of Christ" according to somebody.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rabbit year, good year!

Didn't notice that more than a month has passed since my last post. Lazy as I've always been, blogging seems to be the last on my "to-do list" especially during festival season.

Finally the year of tiger has gone, phew, it was not a very good year for me, but thank God that I still managed to get through all my papers. Rabbit year should be more merciful and tender compared to the vigorous tiger which myself represents. At least I had a good beginning---4 days sweet escape+5 star backpacking experience in Malacca. Thanks to MCB, who was my tour guide+driver+body guard for 4 days, I really appreciate that and it was wonderful to meet your family, they are amiable and lovely and they made my CNY not lonely.

11 days holiday seem to finish too soon, unwillingly, I'm back to school again. I struggled like hell this morning to get up early, knowing that there would be a kit kat waiting for me in class. Here you go, there really is. But another 10 fellows in the class are also having it which I don't really like. However, I've decided that my new hobby is to collect Kit Kat, see how many I can get after this semester. I guess I love Kit Kat! =)