Sunday, September 4, 2011

Someone like you

Accidentally heard Adele's on a friend's facebook link. My heart was captured by her affectionate voice and the way she interpreted the song. Her voice was kind of addictive by itself and with the power of the lyrics, the whole thing can be regarded as a "tear bomb". I have not done the stupid thing of looping on a single song nonstop for a very long time. Nowadays mostly the songs are just meteor and you can hardly remember them after weeks. It's quite difficult to find a modern vintage as majority of the billboard hits are club songs with very least of connotation.

I read the news how this song came about,as expected, Adele had her own heart-breaking stories. I reckon it's impossible to write about other people's story with such deep emotions. Unless the leading actor is you yourself. Every piece of memories is a pinch on the softest part of your heart,only you know how bitter it tastes yet you still don't have slightest of regret. Only in this way, overwhelmed in the endless sorrow, a master piece engendered.

There are not so many contraltos out there, let alone those who is so infectious and can express their emotions so thoroughly. Keep up the good work Adele and wish you find your "someone" soon...

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