Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rabbit year, good year!

Didn't notice that more than a month has passed since my last post. Lazy as I've always been, blogging seems to be the last on my "to-do list" especially during festival season.

Finally the year of tiger has gone, phew, it was not a very good year for me, but thank God that I still managed to get through all my papers. Rabbit year should be more merciful and tender compared to the vigorous tiger which myself represents. At least I had a good beginning---4 days sweet escape+5 star backpacking experience in Malacca. Thanks to MCB, who was my tour guide+driver+body guard for 4 days, I really appreciate that and it was wonderful to meet your family, they are amiable and lovely and they made my CNY not lonely.

11 days holiday seem to finish too soon, unwillingly, I'm back to school again. I struggled like hell this morning to get up early, knowing that there would be a kit kat waiting for me in class. Here you go, there really is. But another 10 fellows in the class are also having it which I don't really like. However, I've decided that my new hobby is to collect Kit Kat, see how many I can get after this semester. I guess I love Kit Kat! =)

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