Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting is torturing

This is not my first time to waffle on my blog on the exam result day, the only difference is this year I haven't got my result yet until now. I've been waiting for the stup*d email for 3 hours and it never comes. The lame ACCA website is down due to overload. My phone keeps on ringing, everybody is asking me how it is yet I couldn't give them an answer! Hearing about friends' success and failure while waiting for my own destiny in the dark is seriously not fun.

My initial plan is, after getting result at 1pm, either happy or sad for 1 hour, then go to MCO to book my revision class seat and probably have a feast for dinner, either to reward myself or to release tension. However, since a few days back, my luck was not with me: I was locked in the sitting room and it costs me quite a fortune, my house internet broke down just one night before my result is released. I don't know what do all these augur. Just pray hard for the best!

I'm looking forward to my reward which is a backpacking trip to either Bangkok/Ho Chi Minh City/Phuket and today is the last day of the promotion. If I can't get the result by today then the whole thing is gone. God bless, I know you love me!

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