Monday, October 18, 2010

God bless the people in China

During my stint in Malaysia, I travel back home almost every year. Each trip would teach me some lessons in different perspectives. I was back in KL last week from a short visit to celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday. I had a shock in my life during the 7 days back home, the CPI in China is so freaking high!!!

I have no idea how many rich people exist out there, but I couldn't help pondering how big is the percentage among the population. Let's not mention the hiking real property price which is obviously just a big bubble and I'm waiting for the day it bursts. Normal daily consuming products are so expensive that makes you really want to suicide with the level of income you earn. Here I'm gonna show you some examples:

My friend in KL asked me to check out the price of honeysuckle(金银花) for her as it's sold at RM 80/kg in KL. She said it's originated from China therefore the price should be lower there. So I went to supermarket to ask about it. To my surprise, the assistant told me RMB 22 per 50g which literally means RMB 440/kg. I thought something was wrong with my ears so I scrutinized the price tag carefully, yep, it's written there clearly, no mistake. I took a photo of the price tag as evidence that the people in China are suffering in hell as the tiny little flower used to make tea would cost such a fortune.

I was doing grocery shopping with mum in Carrefour, passing by the fruits counter, bearing the risk of getting another heart-attack, I took a glimpse at the price again. OMFG! Guess what, banana, pisang in Bahasa, it's the cheapest fruit here as everybody can afford to eat fried banana pisang goreng everyday. However, down there, it's selling at RMB27++ for a bunch! I bet that's the reason why people don't eat pisang goreng there.

Story3, Miscellaneous
McDonald Mcflurry ice-cream: RMB 10
Wasabi green pea: RMB 89 (this is really ridiculous)
Seafood buffet (with the fried kuey teow size of prawn): RMB 170++
Starfucks: RMB 40++
Fruit juice at small stalls: RMB 28++
Milk powder/tin: RMB 300++
Short-sleeve no brand T-shirt: RMB 400++
Hairtail fish: RMB 60++
Egg: RMB 16/kg (means RMB 1++ per piece)
the list goes on

Housing price, this one you'd better not see, it's hazardous, bad for your eyes. For many areas, the price for 1 square metre has exceeded RMB 10000. I wonder how many people can afford them yet the real property market is still so hot, it seems like everybody is buying. Is there any element of speculation? Who are the real buyers behind? I don't know and I don't want to know.

Malaysia is paradise, people here, please stop complaining and cherish what you have.
May God bless those in China, Amen!