Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011

2 weeks "no laptop time" has passed without my notice. I guess thanks to my not-so-smart yet definately not stupid SE phone.

Well its the first day of May,people are celebrating their holidays worldwide. Its a long weekend as well but thats not the point I want to bring in.What does May mean to an ACCA student? Its our intensive revision time and exam is just around the corner. But this round it is very special for me,May 2011,it will be my last month of fulltime student sweet time in my entire life! Wow,that sounds a bit serious,coz as usual,what we cherish the most is actually what we can't have. I told myself million times that I gotta really catch this last chance to enjoy.

However,there is something else that I need to consider,it's my last 2 papers this round,will I die or survive?Among all the candidates I know,only 2 managed to clear all papers without a single failure. That's a very scary percentage. I am scratching my head trying to figure out how possible it is for me to become the 3rd one. The opportunity cost of such failure that I have to bear is simply just too high: 6 months salary plus tuition fee and exam fee. Out of curiosity,i divided it by 30 to see how much each day costs. And the result is really stunning...

Pity me as a foreigner in Malaysia,i have no choice because the local big4 firms cant recruit me due to government policy. I have to find my own way out,no choice. Cruel but thats the way it is...FIGHTO!

May 2011,month of GOLD...

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