Friday, July 15, 2011

A Long Due Post

The past 1 month slip between my fingers with nobody's notice. Plenty of things happened: I had my 2nd backpack trip alone to Bangkok; I went back home for 3 weeks; I had an operation for the first time in life; I'm back in KL again overnight and transformed to a "Malaysian style me" compared to the "Chinese style".

Wanted to scribble something long ago, however due to various reasons, time, energy, the prohibition of accessing blogspot in China, all kinds of excuses. Waited until all the eagerly pouring feelings are gone, yet memories still enshrines.For a complicated mixture of sensitive and sensible creature like me, although sensitivity has taken up a major part, the remaining pathetic sense still can guide me to make sensible decisions.

It's a bit hard to recall every details in those days, but I do know is that I've experienced,learned many tiny things which may not raise your attention. My 2nd sweet escape feels as good as first one, but I've learnt something fresh, that is, there really can be 2 drifters off to see the world together. I've met a living example: a sweet couple from Taiwan who have been together for 23 years and now they still seem like they are enjoying honeymoon.Maybe I'm asking too much again. God allows us to pray,but not for something that is too over. I don't know whether my prayer is too extreme, no matter what I still consider it as moderate.

Finally,I've visited Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand which is the typical first overseas tour that a Chinese would select.I had the urge to write a comparison between the 3 capital cities in SEA. Unwillingly but no choice, from many aspects, KL ranks the bottom.If anybody is unconvinced, a detailed analysis can be performed upon requirement.

Suddenly wonder how important is the social network to us? I didn't log on to my facebook for 3 weeks and I was like a person in dessert craving for a drop of rainfall. How much on earth does it affect our life? Maybe we are just enjoying other people's attention and uploading snapshots everywhere on our mobile phones. I've never calculated how much time I spent on it, don't dare to do so as well. I had to admit, modern science is really addictive. Ask those who just bought an ipad 2 then you will know what I'm talking about.

Well just realised insofar I'm just mumbling the words that only I can understand. It's all right, my birthday is just around the corner. I'm sure I'll have mood to do a proper post after that.

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