Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are nothing at all

Nowadays the No.1 headline of every single news press is the catastrophe in Japan. It happened just 1 week ago, 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by 10-metre high tsunami and subsequently was the explosion at the nuclear power station. Japan, 1 of the most developed country in the world, has turned into the most destroyed modern civilization that I've ever seen.

The aftermath of the disaster is far more serious than we can imagine. People all over the world are concerned about the possible radiation emission. Even thousand miles apart, at the US, the panicking crowd are buying iodine supplements like mad because they naively thought it can help them prevent radiation contamination. In China, the chaos of fighting for salt is on-going which is really ridiculous. Most supermarkets and hypermarkets have run out of salt, even in 7-11 you also can't find the most common and immaterial daily seasoning. And the most absurd news is a guy died because of excessive dose of salt and became the first victim out of Japan! What a joke!

I have no idea how much lesson human beings has learnt from all these natural disasters. Or they simply think it has nothing to do with them because it's not something that happened to them yet. However, there is only 1 planet, I guess us human beings should be on the same boat when we need to fight for our own tomorrow, although none of us knows whether there is tomorrow and how many tomorrows do we still have. We can't even determine our own future and we are extremely dependent on so many external factors to survive. We claim to be the king of everything but actually we are nothing.

Feeling kind of Sunday blue (well as I don't have Monday blue). After a busy week, finally have some private time to carry out my own silly meditation. Just now saw the video by NameWee on youtube, actually I never really liked him but I admit he is talented and sarcastic enough. But this time, the lyrics and rhythm seems so piercing and every word is a pinch in my heart. And I suddenly feel that I should cherish the present moment more. Everything I have, every people I know, every tiny little pieces in my life, as they are not eternal. Out of suddenly I miss so many people, my beloved and my dear friends. So many of you guys are just, irreplaceable, that's the word pop out of my mind. I love you all!

The 7 billion creatures, please wake up, as we are really nothing at all...

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