Saturday, December 3, 2011

The last month of 2011

Out of sudden looking at the calendar, it has come to the last month of 2011. Time is really scary, by the time we have time to look at it, it's already gone long ago. Every year end I will do my accustomed reflect of the whole year. Here comes the question that i'm most unwilling to face. What have I done during 2011?

The first half of 2011 was all about sweat and stress. I experienced my final exams of ACCA, and thank God I made it through. Starts from June onward, I've been really enjoying life, meanwhile had a two-month post-exam nervous period waiting for my final result.Backpacked to Bangkok, which realised my dream of at least every year visit one place that i've never been to. My little escape was always sweet and unforgettable and i've already started to miss that feeling although it was only couple of months ago.

I went home after my Bangkok trip, stayed for one month, kept on dreaming of the result release date. I guess that's because i've carried too much on my shoulders. Not because i'm willing to, it's just life, we've got no choice. Fortunately I didn't let everybody down, my hilarity reached climax after 22nd August. After that God gave me a huge joke when i started my job hunting. I don't think words can describe how terrible i felt when i'm forced to face the truth that my nationality really got me tons of problems. My first choice of employment didn't even give a damn on my CV. Being a winner for so many years, it was really awful to be knocked down by reality. But sometimes we have to make some sacrifices and surrender. Life is not all smooth without a hitch and the storms make it more unexpected and challenging.

Finally, I guess God has given me what He thinks is the best for me. He taught me to forego those which are beyond my reach and grasp everything and every moment i'm able to control.I already adjusted my mentality to a "going to start work" mode, however, suddenly I got one more month to arrange my new life in Bandar Utama. I have no complaints for this. Seriously i guess i need more preparations, i need to train my strength, sharpen my weapon and polish my armour as I've been in the "cease-fire" mode for so long and January 2012 would be a perfect commencement of new phase of life!

Christmas is around the corner,I can smell it in the air everywhere i go. When i think back,i really cherish every Christmas gift i received through the years. I feel delighted and can't help of smiling when i heard the Christmas songs in the shopping malls. The Christmas trees are as great as before and they are gonna be better next year!

If 2012 is to be the end of world, let it be, live in the moment and not to worry about tomorrow!

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