Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another phase of life

Yesterday, 22nd August 2011, is the day to be enshrined.I got my result for the final 2 papers of ACCA, I passed both, which literally means I graduated and I am ACCA affiliate now! Since then, my status has changed from a full-time student to be an auditor/accountant going-to-be.

I burst into tears when I saw the result. It was quite close to a howl which came from the bottom of my heart as I totally lost control. I could not remember when was the last time I cried, either because of my studies or my mum or any relationship issue. I've been holding back for so long, 3 years, I must admit I devoted a lot to ACCA although I still managed to enjoy life whenever I got chance. I guess I have never treated study so seriously in my 25 years life. But for something like ACCA, I really showed my commitment, I held its "hand" and said "I will" with no regrets.

That few minutes I spent wailing was the most unforgettable moment in life. I guess those two 58 marks means more than they look. The scene of July 2008 appeared again and it was so fresh and real just like yesterday.I was totally overwhelmed and I really drenched myself in the bitter sweet memories through the years. After I calmed down, then only I realised I should inform Nora about this good news which she has been waiting for years.

Nora was still in hospital and she appeared to be extremely calm. I asked her to give a guess on how the result is. And after I told her that I graduated in a unmindful tone, she said she knew I could do it, full of proud and confidence. I really thank God that I didn't let her down, or else I think I may kill myself for being such an unfilial daughter.

The ending of one phase is the starting point of another. After yesterday my personal goal has totally changed. I just started to hold the pen to write another page of my life. It's going to be a brand new world and a brand new me. I feel like I've grown up overnight, or I should say, forced to. Anyway, I'm quite look forward to what is waiting for me. Full of aspiration and ambition, just want to prove myself to the world.

Here I am, this is me, the rest is still unwritten...

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