Monday, September 26, 2011

Reunion with a long lost friend

Last night I burnt pretty much mid-night oil while I wasn't really feeling so well. It's all because of the "reunion" with a long lost friend who is thousands miles apart. It has been at least a year since I last talked to him which was before he stepped onto the land which is the farthest continent from Asia Pacific.

We both thought that time flies faster than thunder. Everything felt like yesterday,I was still the little girl pondering at no where. It was him who showed me this bright path, I could not forget, I dare not to forget. I secretly took the oath to myself, I'd be the one, I can do it! 3 years later, yes, thank God that He really made me the one! Big C was more than satisfied with what I've achieved. Although through the years I rarely had his guidance, I have never let myself and the whole world down.

But today, after I've been through all the tangles, I'm standing at a cross-road, alone. Too many choices and there is only one me. The choice I make today will result in hundreds of different me in 10 years time. At this time, Big C's appearance was like giving me parachute before the airplane crashes. Again I have to thank God, it's really different to have a mentor that truly stands in my shoes and think for me. Big C showed me a direction again, and the next few years is left to me, see how I can accomplish the mission again.

Guidance was only given once in a few years time, but I will benefit for life.Thank you for being my mentor, wish you can also achieve what you long for. My heartiest prayers for you, my dear Big C all the best!

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