Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I miss my laptop!

Its been 24 hrs since my 7 years old laptop went into "coma". I feel like millions ants are biting my ass,I could hardly sit properly. My table seems too empty without the 14' inch thing. Everything is just so inconveniet. Now I am forced to use my "not a smart" phone to grumble. Finally there is once that I feel like a touch screen freaky phone is useful in the absence of a laptop. A tiny little keypad plus a crappy wifi connection really makes me wanna throw it out of my window.(but then I wont be able to grumble anymore)
Can we survive without a laptop? I dont know. I just automatically wanna turn it on after I reach home and drown myself in the endless radiation. Still, a stupid phone cannot fully replace a laptop. I have never tried tablet before,dont dare to comment much. Just pray hard that my laptop in the ICU still can be cured. God bless...