Saturday, December 24, 2011

Silent night, holy night

Today is Christmas eve of 2011 and it happened to fall on a Saturday which resulted in a long weekend holiday. Yesterday since noon time, I've experienced how horrendous the traffic jam was. Along federal highway,heading towards Midvalley Mega Mall, the cars are crawling like caterpillars. Walking is definitely way faster than stuck in the jam. So I altered my plan to directly head back home after having lunch with friends. I can't imagine how bad it will be when it comes to tonight's countdown time. That's why today I decided to relax at home.

Somebody asked me am i not bored? I was surprised as I don't get it why I should be bored while having a laptop that connects to internet.You really got plenty of things to do and it all depends on how far does your interests go. For a person who is indifferent about everything, even travelling to the most awesome place can't light him up. Yet for someone who loves life passionately, every tiny little drop of the vast ocean of life can make his day.

Recall my Christmas eve during the past few years, I had "silent night" almost every year. I normally hang out on Christmas day after the crazy people are dismissed. As I'm really scared of the hectic crowds, either in China or Malaysia.I'd rather stay at home, have a peaceful mind and devour myself in some Christmas music while enjoy doing something I like. And also, reserve energy for the "happy hour" session tomorrow.

When I went to buy my lunch today I said "Merry Christmas" to the hostess. She hurriedly apologized to me saying that because she is not Christian therefore she is not so aware of Christmas. I told her, not only Christians can celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a season when you show your beloved ones how much you care for them. Irrespective of your religion, your skin colour or your nationality, you are entitled to the joy of the season's greetings.

For Christians,silent night is holy night, and the Jesus Savior is born. I'm praying for a fruitful 2012 ahead. God bless!

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