Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random thoughts

Have been really busy enjoying my day-off recently. You won't believe if I tell you that my schedule is pretty packed while not attending any class at all. CEO is performing her job now, trying her best to entertain people and get entertained. It's not an easy job and so far I'm not tired of it yet as I still have the enthusiasm and energy.

However, an over frequently hanging-out life does cause some problems. Sometimes you can only calm down and meditate when you are alone and that's why most great people are lonely. I guess I have overlooked many things in life and it's very likely to make wrong decisions, if there is any.

I remembered I have talked to God about certain issues during my stint of ACCA studies. God was very supportive as he always is, he gave me everything I asked for. Now the end of my student life is just around the corner. Again, God keeps his words, and I believe things will only get more and more smooth. (Oh,fcuk,I deeply feel that my English has deteriorated since I finished my exam!) Suddenly feel a bit regret although I swear I'd never do so. I reckon I've been enjoying too much and wasted my precious time which should be utilised more wisely. The stack of unread SA magazine and the my current snail reading speed is the perfect evidence.

Now I've grown up, or I assume so. Many things we have to face it with sense rather than letting emotions to take control. But at the same time it means we have lost some boldness and thoughtless which should belong exclusively to youngsters, which literally means we are no longer young, unwillinglly, yet we have to admit.

A hell of mess is going on, a even bigger mess is yet to come, get ready and enjoy the thunder in the storm!

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