Friday, December 25, 2009

Cold Christmas in China

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

After a few years' "summer Christmas" in Malaysia, I had my 1st Cold Christmas back home. It's not snowing and it never will on Christmas day in Chongqing, but the weather is dull and drizzling all day long. I haven't seen sunshine for quite a few days, really miss the heat in KL.

Almost everybody would think that i had a crazy hang-out last night. However, I stayed at home and watched a movie instead. According to today's newspaper, there were 100 thousand people gathered in a "Caucasian Street" last night for the countdown, the buildings in the street are all very exotic and majestic. It's a place of interest here and you could really see the different side of a modern Chinese city. But 100 thousand is really a stunning figure, i cannot imagine how many tonnes of rubbish they could produce after their crazy party!

The merchandise prices in China are hiking incredibly without any sign of stabilising or reducing. More imported stuff are available with breath-taking prices. Pappa Roti here cost you RMB5, teh tarik is RMB7, roti canai ranks from RMB10-20, Munchy's biscuit is labelled at RMB19 which is only RM3.9 in KL. I was quite shocked as I'm claiming i don't need to buy anything and at the same time i spent about RM200 daily.

Anyway, it's good to be home. I don't need to worry about what to eat everyday. Mum would try her best to satisfy me with her OMG cooking skill, if no choice, there are lots of restaurants serving different cuisines out there. Having 5 meals per day, definately it contradicts with my original"losing weight plan". But i really feel pityful if i just eat 3 times a day as there are too much yum-yum food and my time is limited. Eat until I die!

I'm using a proxy server to update my blog coz China banned blogspot for the reasons i cannot figure out. Really inconvenient and i can't log on to facebook also! WTF...Malaysia,i'm coming back very soon...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stressed out!

Count down to my "favourite" exam: 2 days to go

Count down to my 倦鸟归巢:4 days to go

However, all i think of is the fcuking exam and not even 0.1% of the pleasure i would have after i go home. It really makes me sick. I couldn't sleep well for more than a week. Insomnia never appears in my dictionary, but not this time.

Flipping the past year questions, auditing the answers, even don't bother to work them out by myself, looking at the black "ants" already makes me wanna puke. Why can't i just become a normal student? No need to be super hard-working, just a reasonable diligent student will do, so i won't be thinking of hanging out mucking around everyday.

Suddenly miss somebody, the love, support and even the lessons i learnt in a hard way. Maybe in the absence of your guidance i can never be a "good girl". I don't know how am i supposed to sail without a lighthouse.

Aiks...God bless everybody!