Saturday, April 21, 2012

Titanic after 15 years

I haven't stepped into cinema for a long time since I started working. But I swore to myself for thousand times that no matter how I will watch 3D Titanic. It's just a same old story which turns into 3D version in order to grab another bucket of gold in many people's opinion. However I still decided I must go for it, not to reminisce the golden days that I missed long ago, not to recall the very first puberty I had experienced. It's just a "re-education", to see what I've learnt in the past 15 years and how much I have changed in respect of the thoughts about the story.

It was a full-house Friday afternoon, I was in the 3rd row. Luckily it was a spacious hall and the seats located quite far from the screen, otherwise I may have to consult a neck specialist after 3 hours of raising my head. I was the minority who didn't watch with their other part, I totally don't mind as it does not really matter to me. There is no law stating you have to watch a romantic tragedy with your boyfriend anyway.

To be honest, the 3D effect didn't give me much surprise as many scenes actually makes no difference as a 2D version. All the so-called "unhealthy" parts were cut, there was literally nothing for you to see and you absolutely no need to worry someone would reach out his hands and try to touch something.However, that's not what I was looking for. I seldom re-watch a movie that is so famous yet so long. As I had vague memories upon many details, and some of them gave me a shock therefore I had a lot of unexpected feelings. Someone who I used to think he's bad ass now turns out to be a hero, someone died for a reason which I presumed wrongly for 15 years, some lines were so meaningful which I did not pay a slightest attention at that time, due to my very limited English vocabulary when I was only 11. Jack was as handsome as before, Rose was as chubby as in the past. But I do miss the feeling when I first saw Leonardo, his smile had lightened up my world,at that immature age.From Titanic to Inception, we saw a successful transition from a cute boy to a charming man. We've seen how years has carved its mark on his perfect face.I couldn't help sighing that how time flies and I've turned from an innocent girl knowing nothing about this world to today's me, sophisticated and simple, sensible and emotional, chatty and quiet, sunny and gloomy. Full of contradiction and complexity if you don't know me,a funny well-read and knowledgeable idiot if you know me a little, a pure plain piece of paper if you know me well.

Titanic gave me a chance to be touched again,it threw a pebble in my heart and I enjoy watching the ripples to diffuse. It gave me a strike to meditate and to care about something else rather than my tedious never-ending work. I know myself, I know I need to take a break from time to time, I need to breath otherwise I will suffocate in such cultural desert and I believe I'm not the cactus I used to be...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012



已经好久没有这么持续的blue了,我在办公室多少个小时,我就blue多少个小时,回到家,只要开着公司的电脑,我就继续blue。我向来知道我是典型的theory X,只是不知道严重到什么程度。虽然读书的时候我也不爱读书,可好歹都能咬咬牙坚持,倒也不见得痛苦到面目狰狞。(高中数学咱就别提了,那个是属于外星人的,咱地球人不在讨论之列)可是说到工作,part-time我做过不计其数,full-time的乱七八糟的工作也做过不少,虽然没有遇到会让我非常兴高采烈今天还没下班就期待明天上班的,可至少不会有这种持续的蓝色心情。