Monday, October 10, 2011

Paintball, Painball

Yesterday was my first paintball experience,I've heard about this game for long and I guess it was something like real person version of Counter Strike. But I've neglected some parts which ended up made me suffering.

The paintball field was at Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam, the so-called Agricultural Park of Malaysia. Besides plenty of green and an artificial lake, there was nothing much. The paintball field was pretty big though, almost a whole small mount.There were a few tents down the hill, for us to leave our stuff and equip ourselves. I'm following a friend who is a regular player, they have a team made up of 10 players,only 1 lady among them.

Gradually I was able to figure out why the gender proportion was so unbalanced:the stupid gas gun alone is about 3 to 4 kg with pallets. How do u expect a lady to carry it to run and hide agilely using a single hand? It was extremely after you are fully equipped as you can't really breath properly under the mask and with the vest and spare pallets on you you really look like a penguin. Only after a few seconds of running under the sun you will be sweating like an ice-cream. My spectacles gave me a lot of troubles again, it was not so comfortable wearing specs with the mask together and your breath will bring about fog on both your specs and mask.

Our first game was against an all-Malay-male team which everybody looked like bandits. I was so scared that they all will aim me as target (coz obviously i'm the only inexperienced idiot there). Therefore I told them frankly it was my first time, i'm a very very fresh newbie to beg for their compassion. Our commander decided our strategy and each person had a role to play. My job was to hide inside a pit,aim at our flag and shoot whoever bastard who wanted to take our flag.

After both teams are positioned, the judge shouted 10 seconds count down, when the word "start" came out from his mouth. I ran like mad with my heavy weapon towards my position. When I reached the pit, oh sh*t, it was full of mud and dirty water inside. I couldn't hesitate at all as enemies are approaching. My choice was simple, jump in or die.So there I was, in the pit, putting my elbow and gun on the table-like board, hiding behind the main wooden board in front, peek occasionally on what was happening.I only heard people were shouting and the sound of bullets flying. I could hardly saw any enemies but gradually there were people who were shot and out for this game. I only shot less than 20 bullets and suddenly i felt there was something like a pinch at my back, i was shot, luckily on my vest. Otherwise I swear I would be crying as the tiny pallet really can make you bleeding, it was really "painball".

I'm the lucky newbie as my friend told me, it's very rare for a first-comer to play a few games and was not hit on bare skin at all. I was a bit terrified to see my team mate's wound, it was as big as your thumb and not only bruised, but literally bleeding. I suddenly feel sad for the real soldiers as weapons are really ruthless, let alone under the real war scenario which was really kill or to be killed.

It was a unique experience and paintball was classified by me as "not-for-lady" activity.I can't imagine what will happen if it really hits on your ......balls? :p

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