Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Long time no see

Hello my dear blog, I haven't seen you for quite some time,more than 700 days has passed without my slightest notice. I have spent 3 new year's eve in this so-called capital city which is a tiny small rural town to me anyways.Life here is indescribable, I can only list down a couple of adjectives to express my feelings: boring, quiet, slow, nostalgia, lonely but to some extend very free.Africa is the only continent unlike others, which was way behind modern development and it's usually mistakenly considered as 1 country instead of 1 continent to the non-African world.There are 54 countries in this continent and each one has its own character.Sadly I haven't got any chance to visit a 2nd African country yet despite my all kinds of complaints about Uganda. The people here are not friendly, it's dangerous to even walk outside especially during Christmas season.I don't have much unnecessary contact with the locals, don't have any local friends either besides business partners. Not to say that I'm raciest,it's truly difficult to blend in to such a unique culture (Not oriental not western, one of a kind) In order to make myself occupied, I picked up something I dropped almost 20 years ago---Basketball. Sports is my only entertainment here,whereas in Malaysia I have 100 others activities awaits.Therefore my Malaysian friends didn't know that I'm actually quite into sports. Basketball is one of my favourite, I played for the school team when I was 10 years old.Although now I only remember a fraction of what I used to know, it's good enough to mix with the Chinese basketball guys here. I never imagined all the top sports guys were "exiled" to Uganda. It's like a combination of basketballers, footballers,athletes and swimmers.Maybe this coincides with our common understanding: one who doesn't excel in studies, has to train himself physically to obtain certain advantages.On the other hands, those who are very highly educated seriously doesn't have much time or interest to build up his body. Mingling with these muscles really satisfies my eyes, I have never seen so many guys with abs at the same time before, it's somehow like an A&F flagship opening ceremony, dozens of nude hot models standing there for you to touch and take photos. Of course I can't really touch them,only by seeing their mesmerizing movement in the basketball court already melts my heart. It's like the good old days, when we were peeking our school team training, those days were too young too good. However I'm very greedy, only satisfying my eyes doesn't content my brains. I remembered once I said "the longest distance in the world is his body is sitting across the table with you but your minds are thousands miles apart from each other". It's quite difficult to communicate with the muscles if you want to try another topic other than sports, probably they can't really get you.I knew it before hand thus I never waste my effort in attempting. Time after time, the loneliness in my soul grows, I miss my soulmates in China and in Malaysia badly. In order to free my soul, I started running again. Running, for many people is just a boring and tedious continuous striding of the legs. I was forced by my dad to run daily when I was 4 and I kept the habit for 10 years. I hated running when I was forced to,but now it seems that I have finally learned the deeper meaning of running. It's a very good meditation, time-alone, empty your brains and forget all the hassles in life temporarily, most importantly it makes me happy. Scientific study shows that running is a good combat to depression therefore I also recommend my depressed friends to give it a try. It's the cheapest and easiest way to keep yourself happy and healthy. I joined Nike+ running society and found out their are so many runner friends out there. We exchange encouragement and likes to keep ourselves motivated and moving and so many people are just too good at it which makes me jealous. I have determined to complete a half marathon this year, irrespective of others,when I feel like growing, I must grow. Due to my repeatedly training,my body has achieved a 10-year best condition so far:weight, shape, stamina, strength, heart rate.I'm so grateful at this "seriously not young" age, my body is still giving me a positive response when I start back exercise.Presumably I can delay motherhood for a few years since my body is younger than my real age! Whenever think about this will shoo away my negative feelings. Today is always the best day to start your work-out! Well I have no idea what nonsense I've been rattling, just to let you readers know the significant improvement of health that sports has brought to me. Hope you all shall also benefit from it. Great day, cheers~!