Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My "last words"

Tomorrow is my first exam of ACCA June 2010 sitting, and, it's the most screwed up paper---Audit. I'm here to leave my "last words" before I go to hell tomorrow.

This is the first time that I spend the day before exam at home. Omg, I didn't notice that I've become a good girl =p There is something that has tamed me to certain extend. I must save all my energy for the up-coming holiday! Woohoo!....although still need to work, with a different mood cheers me up! Imagining itself already makes me can hardly close my mouth. Plenty of awaiting events and loads of fun! I'm gonna be back to reality, which feels good...

I promised Ah Jie to hunt the "tiger" and give her the fur as carpet. I will do my best. In the unfortunate event that I'm eaten up by it, save your sorrows and just wish me rest in peace.

God bless us all! =)