Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17 Again

I haven't watched movie in cinema for more than half a year,thanks to ACCA,the last time i went was during December's break,while my mum was here. During the past 6 months, i merely downloaded a few from internet and the interesting thing was none of them really made me impressed.
Today I finally got a chance to visit cinema,somemore on movie day(Wednesday) and it only cost RM7, what a deal! My friend intended to watch , however due to some coward(Hmm,who is that coward? I didn't say anything,please don't look at me), we changed our plan to <17> which was acted by the guy in ,sorry i don't know his name albeit he's quit popular now. We were lucky to get seats in the 2nd last row with a perfect angle. Before the movie started,there was the trailer of ,Oh my God,it's cool! Everything was fantastic which made me couldn't wait to watch its premier on 26th.
The movie was about a guy who didn't pursue his dream to become a basketball player was regretful about his life after he reached his middle age.Suddenly one day he got a chance to return to his teenage which allowed him to live his life all over again. Surprisingly, everything used to be messed up when he's 40 turned out to be perfect when he was 17 again. He had sticked to his choice for the 2nd time:marrying the girl he loved instead of going to university and playing basketball.
The story had a happy ending, or I should say, it's quite funny all along. The laughter was continuously echoing in the cinema, however, after that I couldn't help myself falling into deep thoughts. 17 again? What would I do if I have a chance to go back to 17? I asked my friend, she said she would study hard and maybe go abroad to do her degree. I pondered and pondered, what would I do then? 17 was the age I was suffering immensely from the disastrous mathes, the fierce competition and intense stress in high school. I couldn't assure myself I would be able to handle it better if I have a 2nd chance. But at least I think I will try harder, I mean, really much harder, not to be so rebel and cynical. I have no idea where I would be now if I attended a good university in China as my fellows did. I may end up working as a normal office lady for some company, I might be selected to pursue my Ph. D abroad on full scholarship, or I am just nobody among the 1.5 billion population. I have no certain answer that I would be better or worse than my current situation. Anyway, there's no way to go back and regret is useless. Just focus on what I am doing now, I wish there is no regret if tomorrow never comes although I have so many wishes which haven't be fulfilled.
Thank God, I'm still alive. I'm so grateful that I'm able to wake up in the morning, having breakfast while listening to some music. I'm able to read, write, check news on the internet, hang out with friends. I'm so happy that I can sing, I can play basketball, I can write blog to pour all my grumbles here.I'm happy as there are so many things I can do. Every tiny little thing in life is actually so amazing!
Be grateful and live everyday as if it's your last. No regets...

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