Monday, February 13, 2012

Legends are leaving us, one by one

It was an ordinary Sunday yesterday and I was going to have my regular activity with friends---our karaoke session. While I was browsing through news before leaving home, something popped out and caught my eyes, Whitney Houston passed away in Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA! There was no reason given and she is only 48 years old.

It took me quite some time to digest what this news really meant. Is it that Whitney who deeply touched our hearts by her all time legend ? I don't think I need any explanation on how famous that song is coz even my mum who does not speak a single word of English is familiar with the rhythm. After I show her the MV, she recognized Whitney immediately although she can't pronounce her name. Shame on somebody who does not know who Whitney Houston is yet still dares to claim that he knows more English songs than me. Honestly speaking I have not encountered any Chinese who knows more English songs than me. As they accompanied me through the years during my childhood and a freak like me seldom listened to any Chinese pop songs before 2001.

The movie is already 20 years old, so is . 20 years just passed through our fingers like nobody's business.Fast forward to 1998, which is from the OST of the movie ,I only got to know it in 2000, from the magazine if I'm not mistaken. It accompanied me through the hardship of my father's leaving and the cruel high school entry exam. While every teacher in my Junior high was telling me that I could not make it for CQ No.1 Middle School, this song gave me enough courage at that crucial point of time while nobody was there for me.The only thing I could rely on is my own faith and belief. I believed in myself and miracles did happen. That was for the first time,I got to know the power of faith.

The falling of another super star, it taught us a few lessons. For women,marriage is like a reborn. What kind of 2nd life are you gonna have is fully dependent on what kind of people you marry. Whitney married an ass and she was deeply in love with the ass which resulted in her tragedy today.I really feel sorry for her, it's a huge loss for us human beings as we really don't have so many wonderful vocals around us.Her death made me feel quite emotional, no less than MJ's. As a person who loves to reminisce, I'd always write some grumbles after some issues struck my heart strings.Whitney, we will always love you.

To all my dear readers,i'm just grumbling,no offence. By the way, happy Valentine's day to all, whether you are single or in a sweet relationship, that does not matter. As long as you love yourself, everyday is a Valentine's day!

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