Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Thought it should be a wonderful day today as I "pray hard" enough last night for our long due dinner. Although didn't hear from you until afternoon, I was filled with faith that I'm sure we're able to make it. Receiving the good news really made me fly, and brought the whole world to fly together with me.

With Ah Jie's fully support, I escaped 1 hour earlier than usual. Figuring out what's for dinner on my way out coz I've been staying at the same place eating the same food for God knows how many days. Repetitiveness made me choke. I guess from time to time, I do need a refreshment. However things didn't go on as I expected (which is normal), you texted again, saying dinner is cancelled due to some other stupid fella held you for work. I suddenly fell from heaven to hell, got up from the seat at the bus stop, for a second I felt lost, luckily the bus hasn't come yet. For the very first time, if my memory is still functioning well, it's your first time to say "sorry" to me. I didn't blame you,as I totally understand it's got nothing to do with you, just that I felt very down...

Is it everybody who involved with that particular kind of job is so freaking asshole? I really needed to escape for a while, the boredsome and non-stop weird dreams made me suffocated, so I decided to chill alone.

Are we gonna live like dogs for the rest of our life?

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