Friday, January 22, 2010

Randomness on Friday

It's just a normal Friday afternoon, at school alone, quiet as usual coz the chaos only starts from 6pm onwards. I don't have the "Thank God It's Friday" feeling as I still need to work tomorrow and pathetically, on Sunday as well. Get up as early as the weekdays and the only difference is I can go back earlier and have some free time for a dinner appointment or some personal entertainment.

Back to KL already 3 weeks but I have only met up with 2 friends so far. I fully contributed my time and energy to my beloved college and did it willingly. Time goes on and on, life goes on and on. Although exhausted from time to time, the majority memories are cheerful. Might feel disgusted at some idiots occasionally, I still managed to keep a peaceful mindset despite the assignments do make me fed up. Let's see how patient I am and estimate the count down to the eruption of the volcano. I tried my best to ignore, however I formed the good habit of loathing bad teachers since my early stages at school. And the accumulation of it results in the "flying red"colours in my maths exams many years later. I do curse those nuts!

Party girl is gonna chill on Sunday! Hooray!

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