Friday, January 8, 2010

New semester, new paper, new challenge

After having a 2-week holiday back home, now everything has returned to normal. I'm back to KL, back to school and back to work.

The first week has passed in the blink of eyes. I'm brave enough this round, taking 3 papers, F8,9&P1. Don't know why, maybe because I banged my head on the wall and it made me dumb so that i dare to take these 3 killing papers at the same time. Don't know don't care, just try it out, it must be fun, to maltreat myself which I never done before. I've always been too kind to myself and that results in the lazy bones I'm having today.

Sometimes I miss the time spent at home, I don't need to worry about anything, when I'm hungry, there's always food, no need to do the laundry, cleaning job, grocery shopping etc which seem like minor issues but actually make a very big part in daily life, and, it's time consuming. Now I got headache again, about what to eat everyday. :'( Definately mum's gonna laugh at me if she sees this, but luckily she never will. I'm sure she will say:"You deserve".

After the first week of classes, I felt like I've chosen a chronic suicide. All of the stuff are brand new for me and outside of my knowledge scope. It's gonna be damn challenging, I don't know what the outcome is, all I know is, I gotta try, then I will die without any regret...

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