Wednesday, May 9, 2012

流连忘返的短暂逃离---Day 2

We didn't have the luxury of sleeping until sun burns our ass although we were on holiday. Set the alarm to 7am as we need to take our buffet breakfast and a rest of at least 30 minutes before going for our 2nd snorkeling trip---Marine Park. Before our departure, we had a bilingual funny briefing by a bunch of guys called Cabbage,Abalone and Grouper, which really aroused my appetite and made me miss the seafood at Sabah. After a 20 minutes boat trip, we arrived at the Marine Park, which is totally what you are thinking about. It's not the conventional aquarium type of park. It's basically a beach which has protected corals underwater and of course, schools of different types of fish. Sharks there are said to be vegetarian and I'm praying that even if they are carnassial,they are Islamic shark and won't touch a piglet like me! However we didn't find any shark, instead, a lot more fragile and tiny fish, clustering around us begging for bread.
I was much severely tanned compared to the day before. After 1 hour plus in the water,I could feel that I've darkened from coffee to coal. And I did not regret, at most it's just to wear a unstrippable bikini for a year or two. As long as nobody else could see or would care, I feel perfectly ok to have a triangle shape sunburn on my butt. At least I don't look like a Peking duck from the exterior. (Pangkor island really roasted me, fully and thoroughly and it took me about 2 years to recover). The underwater world is mesmerizing and mysterious. All kinds of corals and animals or plants, indescribably amazing. I kept on pressing my camera and couldn't really see what I've captured. I bet I'd do a laser operation to settle my eye-sight problem, otherwise it would be a big loss if go snorkeling which doesn't have powered snorkeling mask.
After the 2nd snorkeling we've decided our stamina does not allow us to go for a 3rd one in the afternoon. And we prefer to chill in the resort to take some photos. It was a nice sunny day so we had to risk being tanned again in order to get the photos with perfect exposure. Terry was our photographer and we were the cam whores. Posting whatever we wanted and pretended whatever we wished for. My newly acquired long beach dress looks great with the blue sea. Guess what I was looking at?
My lovely sister looks great in every single shoot and we were trying our best to fuss our photographer. Terry was surprisingly patient and coordinated well with two difficult women.The movie More More Tea makes the air is full of romance, many couples chose this place to take photo as memory. So did we, although we were not couple. But I think we look great, what say you?
Apologies my dear readers, I feel sleepy and need to take a shower and doze off,Day 3 there was nothing much to talk about as we spent most of the day on the bus back to KL. Well, we shall see how...

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