Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's okay not to be okay

Today I had a little chat with an old friend. Small talk about life about work about every tiny piece we shared together.He seemed quite emotional and suffering from doing something he doesn't enjoy. Simple words, he asked me: how is life?

I pondered long enough and was not sure what kind of answer I should provide.Eventually I simply said : I don't know where I shall start to talk about it. Then he got what I mean and responsively replied me saying it means I'm not ok. He went to Jessie J's concert the other day and was amazed by her live show claiming it's even better than the studio album. He quoted a sentence from Who You Are, "It's okay not to be okay".

My heart trembled, he is an adorable kid although not all the time, he does have his little temper once in a while. Generally he's a pleasant person to deal with and as for today I can tell that he is having a tough time.Get bullshit for someone else's fault, it's common in corporate world and it's an awful thing that we're unwilling to encounter,but it's beyond our control. Besides,I told him that the only sparkle of my dull working life is Kimuli, who is the colour in my monochromatic days. He sent his heartiest best wishes to me and which made me think a lot.

Living in this world, many issues are inevitable. We do not have a choice over many things such as we are not able to choose whether or not to come to this world, we can't choose our parents or our childhood either. All we can do is to let go of all the miseries and let the happiness enshrines forever. No scar takes forever to recover, and when it's fully recovered, you will only see a reddish skin and you won't have a slightest idea how it used to pain. Therefore really no point to mentally torture yourself to recall the agony again and again. Let it be...

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