Monday, May 18, 2009

Mind Over Matter

I first came across this phrase from<Twilight>,have been pondering for months what on earth does mind over matter mean. It's impossible to check dictionary. I roughly have a vague understanding, it was used to describe something to do with love and affections in <Twilight>. But I'm not satisfied with the translation of Chinese version <Twilight>. It was so straight-forward and the beauty of ambiguity disappeared.

I believe not all the literatures can be translated. It's easy to get the literal meaning but it's impossible to translate the spirit and artistic conception. The author's view may be distorted during such conversion. Thus, if we really want to taste the original beauty of literature, we'd better look at the language it was firstly written in.

I guess I have experienced some kind of mind over matter recently. God, I need a cure...

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