Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tribute to MJ

This is my 2nd (Tribute to MJ), the first one was lost due to my stupid mistake, salute to modern technology which makes techno-idiot like me suffer a lot. Normally I won’t write about the same issue again if the original work was not yet saved before a power broke down, coz I will lose the passion and the desire to repeat everything once again. But this time, don’t know why I have some kind of urge to write something about the deceased King of Pop.

Couldn’t really recall when I first heard of such a person called Michael Jackson. The interesting thing is, his (Thriller) was the very first English album I bought in 1998 which was exactly 20 years after it was released, as a reward of getting good result for exam. At those good old days, my English was really “limited company”, I didn’t even understand the album title, all I knew was the name printed on the cassette cover---Michael Jackson. I played it using my mum’s antique semi-conductor radio/cassette player while looking at the lyrics blindly. Everything I could recognize was “I, you, the” stuff like that, quite pathetic. Albeit I was patient enough to check every word up in my 1st electronic dictionary( I really miss it), it was still impossible to understand the whole thing as a lot of abbreviations were used and they were too advance for me at that time. But I was quite enjoying and trying to sing along.

Nora also seemed intrigued, asked me to play the album for her. I chose (Beat it) and (Billie Jean), played them while dad was preparing dinner. Surprisingly both of them said the rhythm was very familiar although they didn’t understand a word and they were quite fond of our pre-dinner concerto. I had to admit, thanks to Michael, he lit up my thirst for learning English through songs. Whereafter, I came to know more and more about English songs, from golden Oscar oldies to Backstreet Boys, my enthusiasm for music never decrease, even until today. Those lyrics which were like a sealed book for me, now they were all carved in my head, could never be erased.

Hearing the news of his death, I didn’t realize how serious it was at the first place. Not until all the newspapers and TV were talking about the sad news I could react. I was quite down and repeating MJ is dead for days, however, I didn’t really feel the grief as if you’ve lost your family members or your loved one. Subsequently, his last performance (This is it) is in cinema 4 months after he’s gone. Tickets were available 2 weeks before it’s released and it was in great demand as it will only be shown for 2 weeks in Malaysia. Grabbed my ticket in advance, went to the show wearing black in order to show some venerability and respect.

It was a full house, audience aged from infant to grandma. The movie started from interviewing his crew for the concert, people wept and whimpered while expressing how they yearned MJ. The first song is which is also the first song in . Again he showed us his exclusive dance and his high pitch vocal. You can hardly believe that he’s already in his 50th and he’s in poor health condition. I’ve never know that he’s so professional and dedicated to his music, very rigid and strict with his work yet still has a pleasant personality. He wouldn’t let go any tiny flaw and he’s always think for the audience. If we tolerate the flaw, what end result would the audience get? He said to his band: “I just can’t hear that sound, I just can’t hear it. You gotta sing it with love, you know L-O-V-E love.” I was touched by his dedication and devotion and his exigent working attitude which is exactly what I lack of. He’s so humble and amiable. During the show, we gave him standing ovation for several times. The 2 hour show was full of laughter and tears, quite a few people were sobbing, especially when it came to the end which was the last song from MJ---. It lead me into deep thoughts, this is it, a spectacular concert turned into a funeral; this is it, his love for music, for his beloved one, for his fans and for this world; this is it, the end of MJ’s legendary life.

No matter what you call him: king of pop, moonwalker, plastic-surgery addict, kid-molesting freak or frantic dad, there is only one Michael Jackson, who has already gone. Quote one of my favourite MJ songs: Gone too soon. We will remember you forever Michael, rest in peace.

From now on, there is moonwalk in heaven…

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