Monday, August 17, 2009

Midnight,unwind your thoughts

It's been donkeys of years since my last post. I've been very busy,but it's not an excuse for not updating my blog. The main problem is: i still don't have the f*cking internet in my house!!! I feel like going insane, at the same time, getting used to this kind of insane.

A laptop without internet only equals to a music player---an out-dated music player,coz got no chance to download new pieces. Staying away from laptop actually did me good. It gave me more time to do other rubbish stuff of mine. I'm always able to find tons of reasons to relax and have fun. New term has started for one and half months, my channel still stays in "holiday". June results will be out in 17 hours time. I believe most of my fellas are praying and many of them cannot fall asleep tonight. I'm quite all right i guess although i had a strange dream last night, i didn't get the result email and i couldn't log on to ACCA website to check result while others all got their results already,wtf! Nora told me it's because i think too much. I don't know, no matter what is the result, you have to face it.

I sprained my shoulder and neck a few days ago. It was rather serious i could say. I couldn't move my head naturally for a whole day and it hurts like hell when i applied the Mantholatum heating rub. That night was longer than a thousand years. I was craving for somebody's call unfortunately my phone kept quiet for a whole night. I felt very pathetic for myself. No one, there was just simply no one, who truly cares. I'm afraid of featuring this kind of thing happen in my later years,what if I'm too old to give myself a massage? It sounds very heart-breaking and i don't want to think about it now. I keep on cheating myself, it's ok,i can handle everything. However actually it's not really so "ok", there will be one day, i may even have no teeth left! If i'm alone then... Scary...

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